Prerequisite Software

Topo and Solar require an AutoCAD 2000 or later installation with Visual Basic for AutoCAD Module.

You can purchase AutoCAD directly on Autodesk's official website.

You can get your free VBA module from Autodesk, from AutoDesk's official website or from the links bellow.

AutoCAD versions up to 2009 had VBA pre-installed in it, while version from 2010 and onward need to download it and install it (as an additional free feature) by the user.

You can access this installation file from Autodesk’s Services & Support section of their website, under the Data & Download section, subsection Tools (currently here) or you can search Autodesk’s website using the keywords: Download VBA Module.

You can download the appropriate VBA module for your AutoCAD version from the official AutoDesk VBA web page or the following list:

AutoCAD 2023 – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2022 – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2021 – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2020 – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2019 – 32-bit – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2018 – 32-bit – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2017 – 32-bit – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2016 – 32-bit – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2015 –32-bit –64-bit

AutoCAD 2014 –32-bit –64-bit

AutoCAD 2013 –32-bit –64-bit

AutoCAD 2012 – 32-bit – 64-bit

AutoCAD 2011 –32-bit –64-bit

AutoCAD 2010 –32-bit –64-bit

To install it on your system close all programs, double-click the downloaded self-extracting .exe file in Windows Explorer, unzip the file to the location of your choice, or use the default location and follow the on-screen instructions.



Solar requires OpenOffice Calc to allow analysis of time-history simulation results of solar insolation.

Calc is a spreadsheet application (similar to Microsoft Excel), within the OpenOffice office suite, provided free from Apache.

Solar installation package comes with an OpenOffice Calc file that contains macros for importing simulation matrices (as exported by Solar) and plotting groups of results for comparison and analyses studies.

You can download a free copy of the suite for your language at Apache's official website.



All AutoCAD plugins require some standard Windows OS runtime libraries to allow execution of software designed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (VB6), Microsoft VB6 Common Controls, Microsoft Internet Transfer Control and Microsoft ActiveX Control.

Please refer to the Dependencies Download Page for more information.

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