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We deploy our AutoCAD plugins without their Windows OS runtime dependencies to prevent unnecessary downloads.

Normally these runtime are already installed on Windows x32bit Operating Systems, fully updated from Microsoft. However working stations running x64bit Windows, Windows 8 and newer, Windows XP as well as users not updating their Operating Systems regularly, experience crashes during command executions of AutoCAD VBA plugins.

If you experience any runrime error in a module of our plugin please:

  1. Make sure you are are running the latest version of our software. If not, please read the Help file in your installation folder on how to update it.
  2. If you still encounter problems running AutoCAD embedded macros, consider installing any of the following Microsoft runtime files, depending on your problem. In case of doubt you can try them one by one. These runtime patches are displayed in order of importance.

All the packages bellow have to be downloaded (unzip if zipped) and run as Administrator.




Common problem at Windows 8 and later, 64 bit Windows versions & Windows XP or earlier who miss official updates. It installs (or updates) and registers on your OS the runtime files: mscomctl.ocx and msinet.ocx. Download, unzip the package and run x64.bat or x32.bat, depending on your system.

If VB6 executable programs can not run on your windows at all, it means you are missing the runtime libraries. Please download Visual Basic 6 with Service Pack 6 runtime from Microsoft's website or from our repository and install it. Microsoft Support website.

If you still encounter problems with VB6 programs although you had the VB6(SP6) runtime installed as above, please consider installing Microsoft's VB6 Common Controls package. Please download it from Microsoft's website or from our repository and install it. Microsoft Support website.

If you experience problems on Microsoft Forms and other ActiveX Controls, please download Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad from Microsoft's website or from our repository and install it. This is most unlikely to occur but if you tried all the above, this pack may do the trick. Microsoft Support website.


If you still encounter a RUNTIME ERROR on hidden module, please put mscomctl.ocx inside your AutoCAD installation folder, right where acad.exe is. Then run AutoCAD. You can find mscomctl.ocx along with other windows prerequisite libraries on our Download Page.

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