AutoCAD add-on that enables shading design and energy gain calculations within AutoCAD's model space model environment, using time simulation with advanced high precision solar positioning algorithm.



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Solar package is an irreplaceable tool for professionals who deal with solar energy gains like Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers for a vast range of applications ranging from:

  • Preliminary study of the site's shading from surrounding buildings and the horizon.
  • Optimizing the orientation of a solar panel unit or array.
  • Design a glazing's shader to function at specific requirements throughout the year.
  • Calculate the daily solar energy gains for a glazing or the all the building's glazings as a group.
  • Compare gains between up to 5 cases of glazing sets (one or more surfaces with possibly different orientation and shading) results of Shading Performance Analysis silumation, using a customizable spreadsheet graph, at any time/day of the simulation.






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Command Overview

 This add-on adds a new drop down menu on AutoCAD's menu bar enabling the following commands:

  • Simulate the shade cast by 3D objects using an interactive time clock for any given time.
  • Perform a shading qualitative analysis of a shader's design using annual-time simulation and export tabulated values for numerical values of energy gains or normalized values.
  • Draw the solar path for a full 12 month period on disc, orthogonal coordinates or 3D spherical grid.
  • Draw the shade trail of a point for a given day of the year.
  • Draw the shade of point on plan or on oriented cross section for a specified time of the year.
  • Export information of the site's energy potential for any given day.




Software advancements

 Solar add-on is designed to function with the capabilities:

  • Ability to define your working site using graphical map, embedded city database or user defined values
  • Advanced high precision solar positioning algorithm.
  • Able to work on projects at any site on the globe.
  • Take account of the site's horizon shading mask if required.
  • Adjustable precision calculations that extend up to 1 minute simulation intervals.
  • User controlled model complexity using simple AutoCAD 3D entities.
  • Measurable results at all times within AutoCAD's 3D model space environment.
  • Ability to work on 3D and 2D drawing projects.
  • Able to export tabulated numerical results as Office Spreadsheets.
  • Ongoing development.




How to get Solar

The Solar package is currently undergoing the final adjustments before releasing as a beta version.

If you are interested to participate on beta testing, please contact us by e-mail HERE.


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