AutoCAD add-on that enables import/export point coordinates, processing of digital landscape, long sections contour lines and many more tools for land survey works.





Topo is directed to Architects, Civil Engineers and generally to CAD users who specialize in landscape architecture and development. It can be used to:

  • Draw the 3D landscape profile of a site from a set of 3D points (survey measurements or otherwise), for landscape or building design.
  • Draw the elevation contour lines of a site for 2D plotting.
  • Draw cross sections of the digital landscape for land development works.



Command overview

Some of the key routines include:

  • Import points from ASCII (simple text) 3D coordinate file
  • Export coordinates to ASCII in Cartesian or polar coordinate system
  • Form the Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) of a survey site
  • Manual handling and correction tool for TIN elements
  • Produce analytical area calculations and draw calculation formulas on drawing
  • Produce a cross section of the landscape
  • Produce contour lines of the site

Also includes a series of useful CAD tools:

  • Draw a scaled grid for plan plotting
  • Scaling tools for raster images and 3D objects
  • A series of text mainpulation tools
  • Length addition tool
  • 3D object manipulation tools



Ongoing development

Future work on this project includes tools for:

  • Volume measurements
  • Road design tools

For a detailed description of Topo's capabilities please check the User's Manual



You may download the latest version here: DOWNLOAD PAGE

If you have used our software, please feel free to fill in a feedback questionnaire based on your experiance.


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